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The Piccolo tomatoes are nurtured from January onwards in a climate that is constantly controlled. The first fruit is available from the end of March. The last fruits are harvested until the end of November.

During this time, all the right conditions are guaranteed. This allows the plant to grow to perfection and helps develop the fruit's flavour. The mineral elements are fundamental to the tomato's taste and so they are used sparingly. The plant only absorbs what it really needs in order to grow harmoniously. With that in mind, all unnecessary nutriments are collected, filtered and reused during the next watering process.

Sustainable development is a key term in the Piccolo farming process. Great care is taken to manage the energy it needs to grow. When there is too little sun, heat shields are used to limit the production space and save energy in the long run. Also, the CO2 that is produced during the heating process is recycled so it can be absorbed by the plants to reinforce their metabolism.

There is no space for pesticides and insecticides in the Piccolo environment. Bumblebees are responsible for pollinating the flowers and predator insects hunt down any undesirable fellow creatures.