So delicious and tasty, the Piccolo is definitely from Switzerland! It is grown by the Jaquenoud family at the heart of the Genevan countryside in a natural and ecologically-aware environment.

This cherry tomato has an exceptional flavour and will delight both adults and children. The Piccolo not only juicy but it's also filled with sun and vitamins. This fruit tastes both sweet and sharp and it has a sweetness and crispness that have never been seen before.

Unique taste and texture aside, it comes in long bright red bunches, making it the perfect ingredient to colour your summer dishes. Whether you use it as a side dish or a main, the Piccolo will always fit into your menu and give it a touch of subtlety that foodies will adore.

This one-of-a-kind little tomato gives you the freedom to cook for any event, be it for a family meal, a picnic or cocktail dinners. You can use it for aperitifs, salads, main dishes and even desserts!

The Jaquenoud family has been farming the Piccolo on Swiss territory since 2009. This family business has been handing down its savoir-fair and passion for market gardening over four generations since the 1930s. This tradition is still alive today and has welcomed a newcomer into the family of cherry tomatoes: the Piccolo.